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Career Services: Maximizing the value of your Study Abroad experience

Career Services: Maximizing the value of your Study Abroad experience By Marette Hahn GCU Career Services Your study abroad experience brings more value to you, your job search strategy and your potential employer than you may realize. By studying abroad, you can bring a multitude of skills, knowledge, tools and resources to a company that […]

5 Upsides to Studying Abroad as an International Student at a U.S. College

As an international student going to college in the U.S. , you may already think of yourself as studying abroad in a foreign country. You are experiencing a new culture and interacting with people from all walks of life. However, participating in study abroad trips while studying at a U.S. college enriches your undergraduate experience. Many universities […]

How to Find Work Overseas

Working in a foreign country is a unique and wonderful experience. It provides insights into a country that isn’t your own. It exposes you to a different culture. And it allows you to learn a new language, meet new people, and get a new perspective on the world. It’s an experience not many people get a chance to have. But, as a traveler, you have a better opportunity to take advantage of this than most other people.

Vancouver Art Gallery

In a recent visit to downtown Vancouver, I stumbled upon Old Glory prominently displayed between the majestic lions at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Why were our friendly neighbors to the north touting the American flag? With a little bit of investigation, I discovered that a movie was being filmed here.

3 Savings Tips for Parents of Study Abroad Students

Certified Financial Planner® John Gugle spent his sophomore year abroad attending Sophia University in Tokyo. “The opportunity to live and study outside the U.S.A. helped broaden my understanding of the world and ultimately helped provide career opportunities to work overseas for global companies,” Gugle says. As part of Gugle’s work at Alpha Financial Advisors, LLC […]

Top 10 Costliest Countries for Foreign Students Pursuing Higher Education

This report has thrown up a few surprises for international students as Britain was usually considered to be the costliest, in terms of both tuition and living expenses. When the economic crisis hit both Europe and the U.S., most of the higher educational institutions hiked tuition to compensate for state budget cuts and to increase their revenues.

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